Départ : 13 février vers 8h30.
De : Charleroi.
Transport : Avion (et non pas aviron comme j’ai manqué de l’écrire)
Objectif : Prague.

Voilà un environnement qui me plaît

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9 réponses à Teaser

  1. Eloise dit :

    Wow I must confess you make some very trnhcnaet points.

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    scrive:Sono davvero contento per teOra vedi di riprenderti che poi magari assieme al mio amico Max ci si si incontra magari uan domenica assiemeciao adolfone

  4. Ik schrijf al jaren gewone brieven en kaarten met vriendinnen. Vaak voorzien van kleine extraatjes zoals stokjes wierook en nieuw ontdekte theezakjes (die onlangs overigens als verdacht werden beschouwd aangezien de ontvangster de envelop én de theezakjes opengesneden en weer dichtgeplakt ontving!!). Veel tijdschriften eindigen bij mij ook in stukjes aangezien ik van mooie pagina’s enveloppen vouw/plak. En sinds ik (door jullie artikel van vorig jaar!) helemaal verslaafd ben aan Postcrossing is het bijna elke dag feest in de brievenbus!!

  5. Even tho like every self respecting Indian, I usually buy bootlegged stuff when in India, Ill buy the legal version coz u guys are so great. Maybe a note to other authors: try and find a personal connection to ur audience in India, they will shell out much more than ur book is priced for. Emotions can really make for a good sale

  6. http://www./ dit :

    kid you've heard the phrase white trash no doubt and probably use it often, same as ya'll these stereotypes don't just rise outta the damned mist, there are trashy people acting trashy. what's amusing to me lately though is how white trash all seem to wanna act, dress and talk black as if it gives their trash some cachet

  7. Regarding Denmark – no coal powered plants have been closed and while it is reported that Denmark generates as much as 24% of its electricity using wind it is far less as far as consumption because intermittent energy cannot meet demand. That is the problem, no adequate storage for electricity as batteries are inefficient and expensive other and super capacitors are still years away.

  8. http://www./ dit :

    That was one of the most entertaining things that I’ve read in a long, long while. There may have been even been tears of laughter from time to time (which were much preferable to the outcries of dismay I was hearing concurrently from my teenager who was in the midst of reading the book.) Thanks so much for your suffering on behalf of the masses. I’m sure that your reserve of good karma is now off the charts as a result.Also, I’ve friended your journal because I need more witty and insightful on my friends page. I hope that you don’t mind.

  9. com saka:Tas taču ir galvenais inteliÄ£ents !!! Staņislavs Govoruchins ; liberālā inteliÄ£ence- nodevÄ“ji un mÄ“sli nācijas.Lai tādi neložnātu pa zemes virsmu vispirms “liek pie vietas” atbalstÄ«tājus.

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